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The Industrial Craftsman


Passion to create is eternal, it exists in all of us, from the day we are born. My passion may not have been evident to my parents when I took a hand saw and cut off the corner of the living room coffee table when I was only a child. As an adolescent this passion began to reveal itself when I created my first rough impression of a chair using scrap cut-offs from my father’s renovations, at our family home, on Lake Superior, when I was just ten. I knew early in life that I wanted to create things with my hands and be able to play and explore with my imagination. Taking an image that exists only in your mind and turning that into a tangible object that you can physically feel and enjoy continues to drive me today.

I have been able to hone my creativity with education and practical experience in design and building practices. In life I have had great opportunities to gain knowledge from experienced craftsmen near and far.

My creative style is eclectic and melded by a client’s needs and aesthetical tastes. I am inspired by the time periods surrounding the Industrial Revolution. These periods and craftsmen defined a time and set in place iconic movements in history. A time where handcraftsmanship met mass production and innovative design flourished. I continually enjoy balancing design and manufacturing techniques when collaborating with clientele, honouring an age-old adage “Form Follows Function”.

Currently I design and make furniture predominantly for private residence and commercial settings in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I work primarily with wood, but not exclusively. Wood’s warm natural characteristics and aromatic scents percolate in my studio and peak the senses, continually reminding me why I love what I do.