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The Industrial Craftsman


Currently I design and make furniture for both private residences and commercial settings in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I work primarily with wood, but not exclusively.

My style is eclectic, inspired by the Industrial Revolution, a time where hand production methods transitioned to new manufacturing processes using powered machinery. This inspiration can be seen in the work that I do in my studio where traditional woodworking meets modern manufacturing techniques, such as steam bending and vacuum pressing – which are both industrial manufacturing practices.

When creating furniture, I often draw inspiration from early styles such as Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Modern furniture movement, as well as Scandinavian craftsmanship. In the various environments that I work in these early styles are often subdued by necessity – meeting the needs required by my clientelle of “Form Following Function”.

Each piece I create is a balance of both the client’s input and a desire to include my own esthetical taste and signature in the piece, resulting in unique pieces that are just right for the customer, and pieces that I can be proud of as a craftsman and artist.